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Toyo is a trusted name and a leading supplier of automation and mini round shell connectors in India.

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We are your one-stop shop for any requirement of terminal blocks, IC sockets, cables, Relimates (wire harness), cable assy. connectors, RF connectors, D sub connectors, shielded cables, and SIM/SD card connectors in India.

In operation since 2005, we have carved out a niche in the market and our products are known for quality and competitive prices. Our range of 6,000 products are used by customers all over the country and have received excellent reviews and ratings. Focus on product quality and commitment to service has made us a popular choice among customers. Our credibility among customers made us win the honour of ‘EFY Readers’ Choice Top Brands in Connectors’ award in 2012.

We provide products for a wide array of industries, including industrial automation, chemical, electrical, electronics, communications, avionics, automotive, medical, aerospace, defence, navigation, robotics, industrial and process control, manufacturing process control and manufacturing machinery